Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Calm Family Dog Training approach? 

My training approach is to both educate owners as well as their dogs. I have seen the most amazing transformations in dog's behaviors when their owners embrace the changes required to ensure their dog's success.  I am a balanced trainer and I train dogs using both Yes and No.  I use positive reinforcement such as praise, food rewards, toys, touch, etc,  and I also correct negative behaviors. I strive to teach owners how important it is to maintain structure in your dog's lives and teach them 'calm on command'.  Dogs in anxious, excited, aroused, or timid states of mind are not open to learning or taking commands.  When dogs are in a calm mindset, they make better choices and are much more open to learning new things.

What tools do you use? 

I use any to all of the following tools in my training in order to communicate to the dog: Dog's daily food, clicker, toys, play, physical touch, praise, flat buckle collar, prong collar, remote collar, place cot, the pet convincer (compressed air to interrupt behavior), crate, long lead and leash.  

Do you use food in your training approach? 

Yes, I do use part of the dog's daily kibble in the early parts of training dogs.  These are phased out as dogs move through the program.  Owners want their dogs to listen to them whether they have food or not. 

Is Calm Family Dog Training right for me? Am I right for Calm Family Dog?

 In order to succeed in transforming your dog's behavior, please familiarize yourself with my training approach, tools, and techniques.  I regularly update my website and Facebook page to ensure owners have all information available to them in order to make an informed decision.  Owner qualities I look for include: 

- Owners that realize their dog's behavior issues will require them to make changes in their lifestyle and relationship.  I am ready to do whatever I can to ensure you and your family are successful, I expect that we will be a team and I expect owner commitment to me and their dog.

- Owners that are 100% aligned with my training techniques.  I expect owners to trust me and the balanced training approach.  Successful transformations have consistently happened with clear, consistent communication to the dog to explain what good behaviors are and what bad behaviors are, which should be avoided.

- Owners where the entire family is on board.  Messages to the dog need to be consistent.  If dogs receive mixed signals, it will confuse them and they will not be set up to succeed.

Tell me more about prong collars.  

Prong collars are wonderful tools that allow for very clear communication with your dog, effortlessly.  The prong collar sits high on the dogs neck and provides you with greater control.  The prong collar does not harm the dog's trachea. Dog's wearing a prong collar are usually highly responsive and much more handler attentive.  When used properly the prong collar is one of the safest, most humane, and least physically taxing tools available.  

Do you offer a guarantee? 

There are so many variables that go into a well balanced, calm, obedient dog that it would be unethical for me to offer a 100% training guarantee. I do however go to great lengths to pre-screen my clients to ensure they are truly committed to their dog’s success. I also believe that communication and follow up are key to success with your dog. Because of this, I keep an open line of communication with my clients. I am never more than a phone call or email away.